Neuchâtel has worked on some pretty large jobs around New Zealand, but arguably none more complex than Aotea Square.

This cherished public space in the heart of Auckland City is rated for 20,000 people, and is host to concerts, art exhibitions and even sports events, and sees millions of visitors every year. But few of them would realize that beneath its surface lies a feat of engineering: a sprawling underground car park accommodating 930 vehicles.  The multi-level underground carpark covers a whole city block, and is nestled into the hillside down from K’Road. It is designed not only to handle surface water accumulating in the park, but also (in the event of major rainfall) water run-off from the hills surrounding the park.

The integrity of this waterproofing system has to stand up to extremes of temperature and traffic-induced vibrations as literally 1000’s of cars file through the carpark each day. And it has to be extremely robust. The last thing the council wanted was to be tearing up the paving and fixing leaks.

Tasked with managing the complex waterproofing needs of this iconic public space, Neuchâtel stepped in to ensure its structural integrity against New Zealand’s diverse weather and heavy traffic.

Employing Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt, a resilient and flexible solution, we fortified critical areas like seams and steps to withstand the rigors of daily use. This asphalt not only repels water effectively but also endures temperature fluctuations and vibrations from thousands of vehicles traversing the car park daily.

Unlike traditional methods, Neuchâtel’s asphalt sets quickly, allowing for swift construction progress without compromising quality. Its seamless finish ensures a hassle-free application, crucial for meeting tight project deadlines.

Today, as visitors enjoy the square’s amenities, they unknowingly rest upon a robust layer of Mastic Asphalt, safeguarding the entire structure’s longevity. With no signs of leakage years after completion, Aotea Square stands as a testament to Neuchâtel’s enduring commitment to superior waterproofing solutions.

For over a century, Neuchatel has been protecting surfaces against environmental wear and tear and deterioration caused by heavy machinery. Our continual innovation ensures durability, environmental sustainability, and affordability, making us the preferred choice for large-scale projects across New Zealand.