Eden Green

The Eden Green project included several multi-shared podium areas featuring a variety of finishes, such as grass, planter beds, raised grass areas, timber decking, and tiles on pedestals. The detailing and design around the podium were extraordinarily complex, with water features seamlessly integrated into the area. Construction of the podiums was ongoing simultaneously with the work taking place above them. This meant multiple trades were working on the finished waterproofing surface, adding to the intricacy of the project.

ArchitectLeuschke Architects
ContractorDominion Constructors Limited
Size1200 m2

Once again, Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt proved its resilience in the demanding construction environment of New Zealand. Despite multiple trades walking, cutting tiles, and storing tonnes of product on the completed waterproofing surface, Neuchâtel Mastic Asphalt held up admirably. All of this was accomplished within the constraints of a very tight construction programme timeline.

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