The Greenhouse


Beautifully situated in the heart of Ponsonby, The Greenhouse seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with a profound respect for the natural environment. Developed by Ockham Residential, this striking landmark is set to redefine urban living.
Neuchâtel was brought in during the early planning phase, collaborating closely with the architectural team. Our technical specialists addressed intricate detailing requirements, ensuring the selection of bespoke waterproofing solutions tailored to the project’s unique brief.

ArchitectOckham Residential
ContractorOckham Residential
DateMay 2024

The Greenhouse


For the green roof, our advanced Neuchâtel Permatec Intensive Green Roof System was selected. With a fast and easy installation process, backed by our 20-year guarantee, Permatec is bonded directly to the substrate, ensuring maximum protection against moisture intrusion. With an inbuilt antiroot inhibitor, it resists penetration of roots into the product and enhances its longevity.

Neuchâtel Permatec was also used on balconies situated over habitable spaces. Lightweight and easy to install, Permatec’s monolithic nature allowed seamless integration by our awesome applicator partner, Asphaltech Waterproofing, allowing for flawless transitions around doorways and windows.

It’s exciting to see developments like The Greenhouse pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible in urban living. With its focus on craftsmanship, design innovation, and respect for the natural world, it was an absolute privilege to be involved in such a unique project.

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